Monday, January 2, 2017

On-Site Board Meeting

There will be an On-Site Board Meeting taking place at the California Pines Lodge at 9:00 am, in the banquet room, on January 21st, 2017. The entire Board will be here for this meeting. There will be an allotted time of three minutes per person, for owners to speak on issues that are not on the agenda. We look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Collection Payments and Credits

As many owners have already received the statement for 2017, we would like to clarify a few things. Though many accounts have been placed in collections, all payments to Weber and Associates made after November 1, 2016 will not show as credits on the statement. The reason for this is; There are roughly11,000 property owners. We print all statements and stuff all 11,000 envelopes here on-site. Because of this very time consuming project, the annual statements are printed in the beginning of November. We apologize for any confusion this has/will cause. Thank you to all of our owners for your continued support and interest in California Pines!